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bird dog rescue based in montana

Our Mission

**Rescue German Shorthair Pointers (GSPs) and other pointing breeds from shelters in Montana and surrounding states.

**Provide a loving and caring home for them during the re-training process

Where do our pets come from?

**Mostly found in shelters listed on,

**Through word of mouth before the pet ends up in the shelter via owner surrender

**Shelter transfers or rescue transfers when the dog needs more one on one training and attention.

Our Goals

**Fostering– rescue GSPs  and other pointing breeds from shelters.

**Providing medical care: neuter/spay, vaccinations, any medications needed for illness or diseases.

**Retraining– basic obedience commands, leash training, e-collar training, off leash training in fields and in the mountains, hunt training, fetch/retrieval training, water training, crate training, socialization with other dogs, and adult/child interactions.

**Re-homing- Find them a forever home where they will be cared and loved  for the remainder of their life.

How you Can Help

**ADOPTION- if you feel like you would be a good candidate for a new forever home please get in touch with us

**FOSTERING- if you cannot make a long term commitment to one of these dogs, but feel you can provide a loving home while we look for their forever home please reach out to us

**Donations-please contact us directly to donate via: check, or venmo, or paypal. AND YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE as we are a 501c3 organization! You can also consider donation of wire kennels, dog beds, slow feeder bowls, Purina Salmon and Rice Sensitive Skin and Stomach dog food, dog toys (kongs, nylabones). Reach out to us to see what we need!

Adoption Process

What is the adoption process?

When you initially find us, and see a dog of interest, OR maybe you are not ready for a bird dog right now, but want to be on our radar OR you don't see a dog on the website that would be the perfect fit for you or your family... FILL OUT AN APPLICATION!

Filling out the application is the first step! 

(located under the forms section of the website)

The second step is email us short video clips of your home and yard which will serve as a home-visit.

Once we receive your application, we will schedule a google meet video call where we can "meet" each other, discuss the adoption process further, discuss any dogs of interest and if a dog we have in currently seems to be a good fit then we will proceed with scheduling a meet and greet.

Depending on the dog and if their vetting and training are complete and they are ready for their forever home, if the meet and greet goes well, then the adoption can happen at the meet and greet. Sometimes meet and greets occur prior to being ready (whether it is vetting or training) in which case they will stay in foster until this is completed.

IF you are on our waitlist and we are trying to find placement for a dog that is in a shelter, or an owner surrender, we may reach out to you to see if you would be up for a "foster to adopt".


In this scenario, we have your application on file, we have done our video call and we have received video of your home/yard.


The rescue would help arrange transportation of the dog to you. You may be asked to drive part of the way to pick the dog up depending on where the dog is coming from.


Once the dog is with you, then we will work with you to make sure the dog gets into your vet for evaluation, vaccinations, blood work if needed, and spay or neuter. The rescue will cover these costs while the dog is in foster.


During this time the dog is decompressing and you as the foster are getting to know the dog. The foster period is at minimum a month as it can sometimes take a few weeks for the dog to truly open up and relax.


We will be in constant contact with you during this period to see how the dog is doing and if there are any training or behavioral concerns that need to be addressed or worked on. 

IF all is going well and you want to proceed with adoption after this trial period then we will make this happen whether it is in person if your are local or filling out the forms online and sending payment electronically or via mail. 

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