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bird dog rescue based in montana

Our Mission

**Rescue German Shorthair Pointers (GSPs) and other pointing breeds from shelters in Montana and surrounding states.

**Provide a loving and caring home for them during the re-training process

Where do our pets come from?

**Mostly found in shelters listed on,

**Through word of mouth before the pet ends up in the shelter via owner surrender

**Shelter transfers or rescue transfers when the dog needs more one on one training and attention.

Our Goals

**Fostering– rescue GSPs  and other pointing breeds from shelters.

**Providing medical care: neuter/spay, vaccinations, any medications needed for illness or diseases.

**Retraining– basic obedience commands, leash training, e-collar training, off leash training in fields and in the mountains, hunt training, fetch/retrieval training, water training, crate training, socialization with other dogs, and adult/child interactions.

**Re-homing- Find them a forever home where they will be cared and loved  for the remainder of their life.

How you Can Help

**ADOPTION- if you feel like you would be a good candidate for a new forever home please get in touch with us

**FOSTERING- if you cannot make a long term commitment to one of these dogs, but feel you can provide a loving home while we look for their forever home please reach out to us

**Donations-please contact us directly to donate via: check, or venmo, or paypal. AND YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE as we are a 501c3 organization!

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