Here at Paws to Peaks Rescue, we like to diversify our training practices. We travel across the US and every day presents a new training opportunity. 

We strive to provide the best experience for our dogs while improving their obedience and overall training results.

We set short-term and long-term goals for each dog, and focus individually on what each dog needs after being brought into the rescue. 

A list of things we work on which can vary from dog to dog are: kenneling, loading up into the truck, e-collar training, leash training, basic obedience, retrieve training, water training, SUP training, recall training, being calm around children, and positive interactions with other dogs.

We do not adopt out on a first come first serve basis, as we want our dogs to go to the BEST forever home for them!

If interested in one of our dogs, please go to the forms page and review the adoption agreement, if that looks good then please proceed with filling out the application and emailing it back to us. You should hear a response within 48 hours.