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Successful Adoptions

Spartan- ADOPTED

Spartan was picked up as a stray in Hermiston, OR. His history is unknown, he is A German Shorthair Pointer, approximately 8 years young! He is as sweet as can be! Loves to cuddle.   He successfully completed his crate/kennel training, e-collar training, off-leash & leash training.  Spartan has come a long way since April and was re-homed to a lovely family in Montana beginning of August who has two other dogs to keep him company. 

ADOPTED 07/27/2018


Gus is a 10yr old German Wirehair Pointer, that is as active as my youngest GSP.  He came to us from Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in Bozeman, MT. He was an owner surrender because his family could no longer care for him. He is really a happy go-lucky guy that just wants to play fetch!  He had what seems to be a ruff life prior to arriving at Paws to Peaks, and his teeth were worn down trying to chew his way out of his kennel, had an injury on the top his head from hitting his head on the kennel gate, and a pressure wound on his chest from laying on hard surfaces for long periods of time. He came a long way in trusting people since he came into the rescue at the end of August. 

Gus did go out for a trail adoption in Oct and it did not end up working out.  He would be best in a home with at least one other dog, but not many visitors due to his trust issues.  He does still loves to bird hunt, but loves to play with his tennis ball just as much.

Gus thankfully found his forever home right here in Helena with an awesome couple that has a cat and a 6 year old Labradoodle. And is very cognizant of Gus's history and his needs.


**Gus passed away due to Cancer in March 2020. :(


Doc came to the rescue as an owner surrender from an abusive home in Eastern Montana. His DOB is: 9/2/2014. 

He is a sweet soul, and just wants to be in a home that is will be loved on, included in all the fun activities and play his with other four legged buddies. I don't think he has been socialized with many other dogs, but is doing awesome, and just wants to play.  I am not sure if he has an aggressive bone in his body.  Even though he is very underweight, he will back away from his food and let the other dogs in. 

He is re-trained with basic obedience, such as sit, down, place, kennel, wait, back, and come. He loves the e-collar as it means he gets to go do something fun. 

He was adopted by a great active couple here in Helena, who have a Weimaraner mix and a big ol Newfoundland who have welcomed Doc into the family and are playful with him.  Doc got a second chance, and he is so thankful for that and shows his love and excitement by continuously wagging his tail.

Django- staying at Paws to Peaks

Django's approximate DOB is 2/15/2013 and is black and white GSP.

Django was an owner surrender due to the parents getting divorced. He is re-trained with recall and e-collar commands. He became a forever Paws to Peaks Resident as he has become very attached to me, and feel at this point it would be too hard and confusing on him to re-home him.
He LOVES to run, and NEEDS to be with someone who hunts and is active. He was reported by previous owner to be trained as both a mountain lion dog and a bird dog. I have not tested out the mountain lion training yet, a great bird dog, and does not do good around cats or chickens.He loves to hang with his other doggie friends and has become my velcro dog, including sleeping in bed with me every night.

His training: he is crate trained, both in house and in the truck. He is e-collar trained, house trained and basic obedience commands. Does well on leash. 


Cash has been successfully rehomed to a lovely active couple right here in Helena, MT.  He came to the rescue as an owner surrender from a family that didn't have time to run his energy off. He is approximately 2 years old, birthday is 01/2017. 

He is a sweet boy, goofy and energetic, and just wants to be in a home that he will be loved on, included in all the fun activities.  He is good with other dogs and cats, loves to play with them. He needs exercise- and lots of it. He LOVES to play fetch, loves the water.  He does great with kids, but does get really excited and could knock a little one over if he is not being directed elsewhere. Will jump a 4 foot fence. He is currently kenneled during the day when no one is home

His training-He is now recalled trained with an e-collar. Knows sit, stay, down, kennel, load up, come, here, and we are now working on heel. Does pull some on leash, but is eager to learn.